The events that Parker Sargent has produced are a representation of the work she has done in the LGBTQIA+ community throughout the years. Creating parties, fundraisers, festivals and theater productions that highlight the queer experience.

In 2024 Sargent will be returning as director of the New York Transgender Film Festival. The NYTFF celebrates films that are for, created by, and are about our Transgender, Non-Binary, Gender Non-Conforming, Intersex and Two-Spirit community.

“While many LGBTQ film festivals are opening up to transgender stories, we still see an imbalance in representation when it comes to projects that are created by and feature the trans+ community,” Sargent says. “As a filmmaker and event producer, I’m excited to be part of this amazing festival, at a historically queer theater, in coordination with Trans Celebration Weekend, showcasing great works by my transgender and non-binary family.”

The NYTFF is presented as part of Trans Celebration Weekend. Sargent is the creator and director of TCW, which is an event that brings together transgender people (and our allies) to celebrate, educate and entertain with a full schedule of activities. From nature walks to mainstage shows, the goal is a weekend of events to create trans joy.

Parker is the host of the podcast What Is Queer, which explores various topics and issues in our LGBTQIA+ community. Intercultural, intergenerational and inter-gender-ational. Each episode welcomes new guests, like the iconic John Cameron Mitchell, filmmaker and drag ghoul Peaches Christ, homo-historian Esther Newton and trans legend DJ Lina Bradford, as well as regular show contributors to discuss our collective queer experiences.

With a passion for producing events of queer social value, Parker is always looking to create a fundraising opportunity, such as the Gina Yashere show that she produced, which donated 100% of the money raised to New York's The Okra Project.

Since childhood, Sargent has been a disciple of comedy and camp, which is on full display in her writing, when she tackled issues like social media, misogyny, aging, sexuality and puppetry. The Fabulous Monroe Sisters and A Gay Night of Neil Simon are original works that look at the world around us with a tongue-in-cheek accuracy that entices the audience on a journey that could take a turn at any point, but always keeps the viewers firmly in their seats.

Parker Sargent has been the director of The Cherry Grove Archives Collection Film Festival since 2018, which is a weekend event that serves as a celebration of queer cinema and as a vital fundraiser for the Cherry Grove Archives Collection.