Genre: Dramatic Feature
Starring: Sarah Ziegler, Edvin Ortega, Felicia Greenfield and Bruce Jones
Runtime: 90 min

Step into the mind of Charlotte Sullivan, an eternally optimistic puppeteer with the odds against her. She lives in her own world of candy coated catastrophes and make-believe mishaps that cause her to question her goals and even her sanity.

Quiet and unassured, it's no surprise that Charlotte has chosen to give voice to a puppet named Molly, a bad bubblegum version of May West. Using Molly as a mouthpiece in moments that she finds herself too intimidated to express her true feelings, Charlotte becomes fixated on living her life as a twosome, no matter how unstable it may seem to those around her.

Though she's spent the last ten years struggling to find success, every day is dedicated to a strict regime of working with her puppets, honing her craft and getting herself "out there". Which includes sorry cabaret shows, performing in the park for change and staging Puppet Flash Mobs with only two of her friends.

Believing that her big break is just around the corner, Charlotte begins to document her daily routine, for the future film that will inevitably be made about her hard work and rise to fame. Instead, we are given a glimpse into the reality of her audition failures, unsupportive family members and a recent break-up that has left her more focused than ever on maintaining her unrealistic positivity. Even as a chain of unfortunate events test her resolve, Charlotte chants her mantras, gives herself pep-talks and uses her video documentation as a cheap form of therapy.

But after missing her chance to be cast in Avenue Q on Broadway, because she was arrested, Charlotte is nearly broken when she finds her sleazy talent agent in a compromising position with her alter ego, Molly. So when she unexpectedly meets a new friend named Ray in a rare moment of uncertainty, there is hope yet that she may find a balance between performance and happiness.

Meeting Molly is both sweet and yet so dark. The subtle comedy is accentuated with catchy Muppet-esque musical numbers, while the message of struggle and self identity resonates with anyone who has ever had a dream.